Crandall House….Closing Day

when we bought itExcitement and a sense of pride goes hand in hand when buying a house. A marvel that this is yours. The beginning of something new. A blank canvas for you to put your stamp on. For most people. In our case, purchasing Crandall House, not so much of the above. Really, you say? Here’s the thing. We never planned on buying a house. We weren’t even looking at properties. Crandall House sits right across the road from our heritage barn that now houses the winery and tasting room here at The Old Third. Originally part of the same property, this dilapidated 19th century remnant of a once proud greek revival home was severed off in the 1960’s. Although occupied, it was in desperate need of TLC. We stressed over who might buy it and worried about the curb appeal of our piece of heaven.

from the eastStarting a vineyard and winery from scratch is plenty of work for two people. How about adding a full fledged renovation of an old farm house? Years of hard work followed. Many were the times when lighting a match or renting a bulldozer came to mind, but persistence succeeded in the end. Today I am very thrilled that we have brought Crandall House back to life. She now sits proud.

Please enjoy this collage of photos from Crandall House – Closing Day. With many more stories and pictures to come.

bathroom breakfast room breakfastroom diningroom diningroom2 from the west hallway kitchen kitchen2 kitchen3 livingroom