Built around 1860 our cathedral-like timber frame barn sits proud on top of the Closson Road Terrace. One of the higher elevations in the county it affords stunning vistas of the fields around us. The 360° sky only adds to the beauty of this place we call home. You can relax in the Napoleon Lounge, enjoy the view from our panoramic windows or kick your feet up in the sunken patio. Whether you are planning the perfect place for your birthday party, corporate event, wedding or simply just want to have a party, we hope you’ll feel at home here.

Our barn is packed with history. A stunning and exquisite example of craftmanship by the people who have worked the land before us. Squared hand hewned beams held together with oak pegs create a space that is both grand and intimate and at the same time leaves you somewhat breathless. The 3500sq ft, three teared levels also help in creating a unique atmosphere. A little bit of modern thrown in to break up the old wood makes it perfect. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

What we offer

Due to the layout of our barn we are somewhat limited with capacity. We want it to be as comfortable for our guests as possible as well as manageable for staff to do their job efficiently. We can offer seating for up to 80 people, including children on our ground level.

If you are looking for a more casual affair, cocktail style, we can host a maximum of 120 people, children included.

Due to the layout of our grounds we do not offer to host ceremonies (unless specifically requested and this would incur an additional $500 fee)

It is likely that most events would happen on weekends at which point events can start at 5:30pm after our tasting room closes for the day. Set up can happen throughout the day of the event.

During the week we can host smaller groups of up to 40 people on our two upper levels of the barn, which would be exclusive for your party. The tasting room would be open as usual on the ground level. This is perfect for corporate events.

Since we do have neighbours and want to be respectful to them we ask that all events end at midnight.

We have a small selection of local caterers whom we work with. They’ve been carefully selected based on their knowledge and use of local products. All food would be provided by them and made on site.

Our winery is a small one, with only premium wine produced. Because of the small quantities our wines are a little bit more expensive which means that we allow wines from other wineries to be served. We do ask however to use local wine only. We will offer a short list of our favourites and will take care of purchasing the wine for your event.

The only product of ours that we require being served at some point during the event is our dry, champagne style sparkling Golden Russet Apple Cider. This is a perfect product to be served during cocktail hour. Light and fresh with beautiful bubbles, our cider is both festive and also a perfect pairing with almost any food.

We also offer to bring in locally made beer from one of our preferred breweries here in the county.

Since the barn is old and built out of wood, open flames, candles or smoking is strictly forbidden indoors. This structure can never be rebuilt the way it is today and there will be a $1000 fine if violated.

You will have access to our sound system (2x speakers and 2x microphones) for speeches and music throughout the event.

There are no washrooms in the barn but we provide nice, clean portable toilets outside as well as a hand-washing station. If you want more high-end portable toilet units, that can be arranged at an additional cost.


What is not included in each package

Each package has a more detailed description of what is included in the per person price but there are certain things that we feel is up to each client. Each event will be custom tailored to make it perfect for you.

– Transportation to and from the venue-buses recommended

– Additional decoration (simple table decor is included)

– Photographer

– Officiant

– Live music/ DJ

– Wedding cake

– Late night snacks (during reception)


Take a closer look

We currently have three packages available. 

Short and Sweet

Oldie but Goodie

Go Big or Go Home

Please email us at: info@theoldthird.com with inquiries and questions!