Futures Program

Hello Everyone!


It is that time of the year again!

We’ve just released our futures program for our 2019 vintage of pinot noir and cabernet franc. The pinot and cab will be available as of February 2021.

This is the first release of our wines since the tiny 2016 vintage. Though the quanties are also small we are very excited for our future release.

As with all our futures releases, this is on a first come first serve basis and there are no minimum or maximum purchases.

As you all know, the previous few years were difficult and it have been a huge upward battle to get back to where things were. 2019 marks a return to only using estate grown grapes.


Our wine futures guarantee your access to the wine and at a discount rate on top of that! If you buy the wine now, you’ll will have paid less than the retail price upon release.

As a thank you for your loyalty, sticking with us through those trying years reducing the futures cost from the 2016 futures.


Vintage notes:


The 2019 vintage was late to push buds and so there was no risk of spring frost. It really is such a joy not to have to stay up all night keeping fires burning to protect precious, tender buds. Some of you may remember the horrific spring frost of 2015.

Pictures by Natalie Goldenberg-Fife.

What started cold and rainy turned lovely dry during bloom. The summer changed to drought with weeks between meagre rainfall. It stressed the vines and grapes ripened beautifully. Though, the whole vineyard is not  yet back up to full production, it was lovely to see grapes mature again at The Old Third. The 2019 vintage will be fine and age worthy.



2019 Pinot Noir – $55/btl This is a wine to lay downIt is dark and brooding and demands your attention. A deep ruby rim and a nose ripe with black fruit and wild County thyme and a hint of peppermintThere are many, many layers. The mouth is fleshy, tanic, and chewy. Malo is not yet complete and this will soften the texture in the coming months as the last of the malic acid converts to lactic acid. As is always my preference, there will be no new oak used on this wine. The finish is long and powerful, elegant and noble.


2019 Cabernet Franc – $55/btl The fruit was left to hang as long as possible with multiple passes though the vineyard during ripening. Like the pinot noir, yields were low and the vines responded. Our cabernet franc has a particularly loyal following and they will not be disappointed. It is juicy and beguiling. Ripe with a lovely expressive nose sharing a distinct fallilial relationship with our pinot noirThere is none of that herbacious, weedy bell pepper so often found in cabernet francs.No new oak here either. I wouldn’t dare. Lay this one down and it will be a loyal friend for years to come.

The photo below shows the beautiful dark rim of both wines. Guess which is pinot and which is cab!These wines and you, our friends, are the reason we love Prince Edward County.



To place your order contact us by email: info@theoldthird.com

All we’ll need is a credit card #, expiry date and the 3 digit security code on the back of the card.


No minimum order is required and first come, first serve as usual with our limited releases.



Stay warm!

Bruno & Jens