Unoaked. Unfiltered.



Today is a day of firsts. Today we release our very first chardonnay—a dream of ours for a long-time coming. Today we also announce that for the first time in our 13-year history as a winery in Prince Edward County, we will be selling wine from purchased grapes. From Tawse Winery, Quarry Road Vineyard, to be exact. For many years, we were strict in our belief only to make and sell wine from our own vineyard in the county.

But illness humbles you. And sometimes the convictions you were so steadfast in clinging to no longer seem to matter as much. We lost our crop last year and had a choice—either close our doors and end our dreams or take a risk and buy fruit and make wine. Life, love and the pursuit of our dreams of making this small winery a successful business drove this decision.  

We want to continue to do what we love: make the highest-quality wine we can and bring a little joy to your tables. Our lives have certainly been enriched tenfold thanks to the path we chose for ourselves here. It certainly hasn’t been easy. But we wouldn’t change a single thing.

Let it be known that we will be giving a portion of the proceeds from every bottle of chardonnay sold to Princess Margaret Hospital—another first for us.
So please come try our chardonnay! We are proud of it and proud of ourselves for choosing to allow our business thrive in the face of challenging curveballs.



Our second vintage of traditional method 100% pinot noir sparkling is now available. Very small quantities made of all estate grown grapes. Pressed as a white, second fermentation in the bottle, hand riddled and hand disgorged. A beauty to lay down in the cellar for many years. Unfiltered.




Our new releases of

2016 Pinot Noir

2016 Cabernet Franc


2016 Pinot Noir Blanc

is expected in the next little while. This year need longer than usual. Apologies for the delay!


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 In 2004, my partner Jens Korberg and I, decided to start looking for a property to plant a vineyard. Excited by the possiblities in Prince Edward County, we started to make a number of trips there. Quickly, we fell in love with the history and beautiful countryside. We finally found a small property that was 90% plantable. The soil, drainage, heat and steep southern exposure gave it great potential to make fantastic pinot noir and cabernet franc. Jens and I believe we are stewards of the land we own, entrusted to us during our lifetimes. As such, The Old Third is farmed using a reasoned approach to organic viticulture. Our goal is to reduce as much as possible the chemicals applied to our land to improve and maximize its health. We believe that the finest wines are made with this philosophy.

– Bruno FrancoisIMG_7592IMG_7594IMG_7596IMG_7598IMG_7599